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To help healthcare professionals of all backgrounds explore and learn more about the science of cannabinoids and the pillars of evidence-based medicine, we’ve developed two immersive, freely available e-learning courses that use adaptive learning technology to create a unique educational experience.

The two adaptive courses are fully CPD accredited, and allow you to assess, challenge and grow your knowledge through a tailored learning programme that you can access anytime at your leisure and convenience.

  • Science of cannabinoids
    • Learn about the origins and properties of cannabinoids, and the role and science of the endocannabinoid system
  • Medical evidence
    • Learn about the pillars of evidence-based medicine and the strengths and limitations of difference forms of evidence

A learning programme that adapts to your educational needs

The intuitive learning programme adjusts to the needs of each learner, providing an optimal educational experience that caters for all users, regardless of prior experience or knowledge.

If you have already signed up, click the link below to launch the programme.

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We invite you to sign up below

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