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About Cannabinoid Education 360
About Cannabinoid Education 360

About Cannabinoid Education 360

Clarity on cannabis

Scientists’ understanding of the possible health benefits of cannabis is growing all the time, but there are also some challenges and misconceptions surrounding cannabis-based medicines and products. There is still a lot to learn about cannabinoids – the chemicals in the cannabis plant that are the subject of medical interest. There is also a need for broader education about cannabis and cannabinoids, so as to encourage conversations from a scientifically supported perspective.

About Cannabinoid Education 360

Cannabinoid Education 360 is an online platform of educational resources that will deliver evidence-based, relevant and balanced information. Our ambition is to provide a full 360-degree perspective on what is really known about the science of cannabinoids, the research behind cannabis-based medicines, and the laws and policy frameworks that regulate them. We want to help dispel any myths and provide clarity around this important, yet complex field of medicine.

Our aim is to communicate the evidence behind cannabinoids and cannabis-based medicines through easy-to-access, scientifically grounded, reliable information and resources.

General resources

Here are some useful resources providing an introduction to what cannabis is and the history of cannabis and cannabinoid medicines. Please also find a link to a resource on the journey of a medicine, produced by the European Medicines Agency.

Medical enquiries

If you have a medical information enquiry, please contact us using the country-specific telephone number/email listed below.


T: +44 (0) 1223 238170